2014 Fall Hunter Pace Results

A huge thank you to all the participants and workers in the Oak Ridge Hunter Pace yesterday. Winners were based on average time on course and those closest to average.
Full Cry (one entry):
1st – Priscilla Friedberg, Lynn Earnest, and Jim Finn
Second Flight:
1st – Liz Taylor and Marty Szczur
2nd – Emily Schilling, Eileen Lang, and Marie Slagle
3rd – Robin Ellis and Ashley Williams
4th – Louise Goodling, Julia Bayliss, and Rosie Purvis
1st – Jane Eckes and Robert Holmberg
2nd – Jane Andrews and Amelia McCulley
3rd – Beth Tyler and Tracy Ferguson
4th – Barbara Barrell, Liz Russell, and Kathleen Anderson
Junior (one entry):
1st – Martha Drum, Kelly VanScoter, and Trinity Mac Donald
Congratulations to all our winners…..ribbons will be forthcoming…..

September 2013 Hunter Pace Results

A huge “thank you” to all who came out to support Oak Ridge Hunt Club yesterday, whether as a rider, worker or purveyor of food. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful course.
All results are based on average time and closest to average time.
Full Cry
#1 – Priscilla Friedberg and Jim Finn
#2 – Louise Goodling and Jennifer Mix
#3 – Gretel Mangigian and Elizabeth Wood
#4 – Mark Gebhard and Tom Timmerman
Second Flight
#1 – Victoria Eisenmann and Julia Bayliss
#2 – Lee and Berk Pemberton and Liz Taylor
#3 – Candice Waycaster and Maria Johnson
#4 – Meghan Custer and Becky Birnbaum
#1 – Claudia Hubert and Doug Sloan
#2 – Karen Martin and Alicia Robinson
Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to all of the participants. Ribbons will be forthcoming