2021 Events

Oak Ridge Hunt Club has an exciting event calendar for the coming months.  Check out the following events and mark your calendars.

March 21, 2021, Sunday 10:00am – Sporting Clay Shoot at Tea Time Farm.

No pre-registration, just come!


April 10, 2021, Saturday 10:00am Poker Ride at Wood Ridge Farm Brewery


Register online at https://orfhc.square.site/

Or print and bring these forms:



May 8, 2021, Saturday 9:00am Hunter Pace Tea Time Farm


Register online at https://orfhc.square.site/ Or print and bring these forms:

https://oakridgefoxhuntclub.files.wordpress.com/2020/05/orfhc-hunterpace-entry.pdf https://oakridgefoxhuntclub.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/release.pdf

June 6, 2021, Sunday 9:00 Judged Trail Ride Location TBA

July 24, 2021, Sunday 9:00 am. Safari Hunt Wood Ridge Farm Brewery

September 12, 2021 Sunday 9:00 Fall Hunter Pace Location TBA

November 21, 2021 Turkey Trot Wood Ridge Farm Brewery

Upcoming Events

October 16-19 – 4 Day Hunt Weekend – See link for details


Opening Meet

Due to the constraints imposed by the COVID pandemic, we are only inviting
members and landowners
to the hunt this year. This is disappointing to all of the
Oak Ridge Masters as well as the family at the Estate, but we feel that we must
impose this restriction to keep everyone safe in these extraordinary times.
We will not be hosting the usual breakfast after the hunt. Everyone is invited to
bring their own refreshments to enjoy at a safe distance from others. We will
provide water and soft drinks. We know you will all respect our wishes for this
year. 2021 will be a renewed chance to celebrate.


November 22 Turkey Trot

Join in on the search for turkey plates while riding the fields and wooded trails along the Rockfish River & behind Wood Ridge Farm.
The first 6 riders to find a turkey plate will win a turkey for Thanksgiving. All disciplines are welcome.
Bring your own tailgate – no alcohol please, or buy lunch at the Brewery after the ride.
Entry fee is $40 for adults, $25 for juniors.

Pre-Register online at https://orfhc.square.site/ or in Register in person the day of the event.

2020 Hunt Ball Auction

As many of you know, Oak Ridge has had to postpone the Hunt Ball due to the COVID-19 restrictions being observed. The event has been has been rescheduled to Saturday, June 27.

Like many clubs, we count on the income from this fundraiser to cover food, care and medical expenses for our hounds.

In order to continue to provide for our hounds, we are offering some of our auction items online for the next 3 weeks. While you “shelter in place,” please consider bidding on some of our terrific auction items:

Auction: Bid Now!

The auction will run through Sunday April 19, 2020 10:00pm Eastern. The hounds thank you for your support.

Questions on the auction may be directed to foxhunter540@gmail.com

Poker Run April 11, 2020 CANCELLED

This ride is currently CANCELLED. We will try to reschedule after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.


Join in on the search for poker chips while riding wooded trails and fields behind Wood Ridge Farm Brewery.

Turn in your chips for five cards.

The top poker hands win cash prizes.

All disciplines are welcome.

Entry fee is $40 for adults, $25 for juniors.

Poker Run Flyer

Poker Run entry form


Cubbing starts September 20

We’re almost there if you don’t melt first. Summer refuses to release her vice-like grip and if our weather apps are correct, it will be hot Friday September 20 although not as hot as today.

This is a reminder that cubbing you are there for the hounds. After Opening Hunt, the hounds are there for you.
Easy to say but in practice this means one should be more silent than usual. Of course, you are always to be quiet especially when hounds are cast or have lost the line. As there will be young entry out there, also second year with the veterans, this is especially important.
The youngsters have never seen so many people on horseback. We want them not to be afraid of you, loud noises will do that, and we know they must learn to concentrate with the big kids. Takes time but with even a hint of scent it’s fabulous how quickly they learn their task.
The hardest time for any hounds is trying to find a line then trying to keep it. Soil changes, of which we have plenty, a stiff unexpected wind, crossing a creek can all cause a line to disappear. The fox is a master at it.
While our youngsters are learning their trade so are this year’s cubs, now almost fully grown.
We don’t want to pressure them overmuch but we do want them to run. One of the fascinating things about fox behavior is often the young will run a pattern like their parents. Usually their parents are not with them although that has happened. I do not know if parents teach their young their hunting boundaries for their own game or if this is simply figured out quickly as they are so smart.
As fox has been considered vermin, few state sponsored studies of their behavior have been funded. Maryland funded one the year Princess Diana died which is why it’s vivid in my memory as I was driving to the lecture when the news reached America or perhaps when it reached me. Others may have known it earlier.
Since then there has been some progress such as the book “How to Tame a Fox”, first seen in National Geographic. If one were young, studying wildlife would be a growing field, wide open, I think.
So what I relay concerning foxes or other wildlife is based on a lifetime of observation. I can’t prove a thing scientifically. However, what I have observed helps the hounds and I scare up a fox.
A few rules concerning your turnout. No red. If you wish to wear a short sleeved polo shirt, you may. Our territory can be rough. I always wear a light coat, a salt sack in the beginning, to protect my arms. Your tack and horses should be clean.
Your headgear is up to you. A hardhat helps but my derbies are harder than my hardhat. However, one doesn’t hunt hounds in a derby so I wear a standard hardhat maybe forty years old. If you feel the need for modern headgear, use it. My take on all this is we do not have the numbers that the NFL does so headgear for horse sports is way behind yet better than earlier gear. Not being a person who relishes doom and gloom, I trust your judgement for yourself.
Boots should be butcher boots or field boots, those are the ones with laces which are so helpful because you can not tightly draw your laces so as your foot swells you aren’t pinched. The color of your boots should match the color of your hat. Newmarkets are canvas and leather. The leather usually matches the color of your hat, brown with brown. If you wear oxblood boots of either type, they are exceedingly handsome, you wear a black cap.
That’s about it. Gloves are not mandatory even on the coldest days. Up to you.
Should you wear a stock, doubtful in the heat, it must not be white for cubbing or bye days. You may also wear a tie or bowtie.
In the heat you are not obliged to wear a vest. Should you wish to wear a vest without a coat in the heat, that’s fine.
Cubbing allows you more personal expression than formal hunting. Bye days likewise. Seeing how people throw themselves together is  half the fun.
Britches should be tan, canary, or brick. No white, that’s formal. Canary is also formal but it’s ok for cubbing. They are the devil to find so most people go out in tan or brick.
Sounds like a lot but it isn’t. One time out there and you’ll be fine.
Oh, no colored saddlepads. White. In the old days people did not use saddle pads but the practice caught on as it does save your saddle from all that sweat.
Given the heat, we won’t be out long until the mercury falls aven a bit. High heat beats up hounds, horses, and humans. And they have fur coats. Worse for them.
Here’s to seeing you all at the Arena Friday the 20th at 8:00 AM. The Run-IN Shed at 8:00 AM Sunday.
Up and Over, RMB
P.S Raingear is permisable. No bright colors. Barbour is the best, costly, but lasts forever.
P.P.S. The NFL has just put up $3 million as a grant and award on a helmet challenge to create a better helmet.

Fall Hunter Pace September 7, 2019

We had 22 teams ride at Teatime Farm for our Fall Hunter Pace.

Thank you to Lynn Stevenson for handling registration, Kathleen King and Ed Clark for manning the checkpoint, and Mark Catron and Dave and Liz Pritchard for setting up lunch after the ride. Also, thank you to all the members who worked on the trails and who brought something to share at the tailgate. We look forward to seeing you as we begin cub hunting on September 20.
 Our next social event will be an evening of music at Wood Ridge Farm Brewery on October 5. The festivities will begin at 5:30 with 2 bands playing throughout the evening. The food truck will be in full operation and the taps will be flowing, so join us for a night of fun and frolic.
Here are the results of the Hunter Pace.
Ist Flight optimum time 60 minutes
1 Lisa Lefferts and Priscilla Friedberg
2 Cara Potter and Kelly VanScoter
3 Liz Hall and Kathy Eichelberger
4 Eric Northcraft and Becky Birnbaum
5 Sue Migliore and Liz Taylor
2nd Flight optimum time 70 minutes
1 Jane Andrews and Beth Tyler
2 Brooks Arrington, Heather Browning, and Kaitlyn Martin
3 Michael Jackson and Karen Mallins
4 Jackie Bowen, Catherine Foster, and Adriann Haney
5 Jane Eckes
6 Shelly Thompson, Sherry Nedzble, Annie Lichtenstein
Juniors optimum time 70 minutes
1 Ben Dunavant and Nicole Morton
2 Kenzie Miller , Camryn MacDonald, and Anne Morrison
3 Julie and Pippa Cook
4 Sally Fisher, Anna Towns, and Wren Ackerman
1 Mary Tousignant, Sarah Ovenshire, and Karen Catron
2 Rena Morse and Kim Bolling
3 Bob and Sue Satterfield and Meghan Custer
4 Diana Hicks and Erin Hartman
Thank you all for your support. See you in the hunt field!

Please join us Saturday, September 7 for our annual Fall Hunter Pace.

The members of Oak Ridge are planning a wonderful course that will allow you to enjoy the beautiful countryside at Tea Time Farm. The course is approximately 7 miles with divisions for fast and slow teams with 20-25 jumping efforts. There are go-arounds for those who do not wish to jump.


Entry Form


August 10 Foxhunting Clinic

  • If you’ve ever dreamed of foxhunting but don’t know where to begin, Oak Ridge Hunt will hold an Introduction to Foxhunting on August 10 at Tea Time Farm in Afton, Virginia from 9 to 1.
  • The morning will begin with a mounted session with groups for both jumpers and hilltoppers.
  • This will include an introduction to hounds and a short hack with the pack.
  • The lunch break will feature a discussion by Dr. Rita Mae Brown about the history of hunting attire, with examples of proper turnout.
  • There will also be a discussion about tack and safety in the Hunt field
  • If you’ve ever dreamed of foxhunting, contact

Susan Boone boonesusan3@gmail.com for

information and to register. Entry fee $50.


Registration Form

Spring Hunter Pace Results

Thank you to everyone who helped at yesterday’s hunter pace, especially Sara and Dale Bateman, who hosted the event at their farm. We had secretary Lynn Stevenson, gatekeepers Sara Bateman, Dave Pritchard, Bob Satterfield, Cathy Denton, Checkpoint by Sue Satterfield and Lynne Stockton, and lunch setup by Dale Bateman and Liz Pritchard. Thank you to everyone who brought food for lunch.It was delicious as always. To our competitors, I apologize for any confusion about the course. We will do a better job next time.

The pace was set this year. Optimum time for 1st flight was 75 minutes, 2nd flight and Juniors was 85 minutes, and 3rd flight was 100 minutes. The results follow.
!st Flight
1 Mackenzie Shine, Brooks Arrington,Lindsay Enegless Paulette
2 Mary Kalergis, Elizabeth Lakney, Stephanie Guerlain
3 Liz Hall, Kathy Eichelberger
4 Kim Eastep, Joy Watkins
5 Cara Potter, Kelly Van Scoter
6 Bud Riddle, Anne Willson
2nd Flight
1 Heather Browning, Rachel Casdorph
2 Meghan Rexnode, Maddy Sliwoski
3 Meghan Custer, Jane Andrews, Becky Birnbaum
4 Jennifer Campbell, Anne Riley
5 Elizabeth Taylor, Karen Payne
3rd Flight
1 Lee and Berkeley Pemberton
2 Kathleen Anderson, Tina Mallia
3 Lynn and Raymond Tuckwiller
1 Anne Morrison, Kenzie Miller, Camryn MacDonald
2 Victoria Joyce, Tierna Joyce, Anna Mason
3 Julie and Pippa Cook
4 Jennifer Daly, Virginia Butler, Leah Huffman
5 Kristen Jones, Liberty Prang, Karen Catron
6 Kay Carey, Olivia Wolpert
Congratulations to you all. Our next event is a Poker Ride on June 15 at Starvale Farm in Shipman. Our Summer Ride schedule will be out this week. We hope to see you all soon.