September 2013 Hunter Pace Results

A huge “thank you” to all who came out to support Oak Ridge Hunt Club yesterday, whether as a rider, worker or purveyor of food. It was a beautiful day and a wonderful course.
All results are based on average time and closest to average time.
Full Cry
#1 – Priscilla Friedberg and Jim Finn
#2 – Louise Goodling and Jennifer Mix
#3 – Gretel Mangigian and Elizabeth Wood
#4 – Mark Gebhard and Tom Timmerman
Second Flight
#1 – Victoria Eisenmann and Julia Bayliss
#2 – Lee and Berk Pemberton and Liz Taylor
#3 – Candice Waycaster and Maria Johnson
#4 – Meghan Custer and Becky Birnbaum
#1 – Claudia Hubert and Doug Sloan
#2 – Karen Martin and Alicia Robinson
Congratulations to the winners and thank you again to all of the participants. Ribbons will be forthcoming

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