Master’s Report March 2015

The daffodils are up but two days ago we could see the snow swirling on the top of the mountains. By April 15, I figure the last of the frosts are over but this year, who knows?
If any of you are interested, I am judging the Maury River Hunter Trials this year, April 4, Saturday at the Virginia Horse Center. Schooling starts at 9 AM and the first class is that 10 AM. Not having a computer, I can’t tell you how to get the class list but there’s something there for everyone and I’m sure our foxhunting friends in The Valley will be there (Editor’s note:
Here’s how it works for you. Anything I judge, anywhere, anytime, that an Oak Ridge member rides in, I will be tougher on you. I expect impeccable turnout, I expect a sparkling horse with clean tack. As to what happens on any course, there are so many variables but I repeat, I will be tougher on you. Any ribbons you ever win when I am in the chair will be more than fairly won.
I have two reasons for this. I would never wish any contestant to think I favored my own. Secondly, I want people to see how proper Oak Ridge people are. As to our members, good manners and friendliness, I am never in doubt.
Next week we start the youngsters back in the arena. In prior years we gave hounds a month off but the mini Ice Age did give hounds more rest than usual, hence an earlier start.
We bid goodbye to our beloved Allie, entered into 2006 and Vandal, entered into 2005. What good long years they enjoyed. As with most all our hounds, John walked into the kennels and they appeared to be asleep.
Both hounds hunted briefly closing high and Allie found the second fox, the one they put to ground in the big brush pile. Vandal was content to stick right by me. I’d look down, he’d look up. I recognize that not too many hunts would allow an older lady or gentleman to go out a bit, but we pick them up when they fall too far behind. They live for this and if they can keep up for an hour, why not? They are so happy and they make me happy. I rather hope what I reach that stage that like Vandal, you will humor me, a rider on each side to jolly me along. And if the Fates are kind, I, too, can fall eternally asleep after a good hunt.
Sisters and brothers, what’s the point of being alive if you don’t grab mane and kick on?

Up and Over,
Rita Mae

Found the full title of the book on quantum biology which is published by Bantam Books. “Life on the Edge: The Coming of Age of Quantum Biology” by Jim Al-Khalili and John Joe McFadden, Bantam 368 pages. I don’t have a price in dollars but it must be around 40.
Also, for those of you who like fiction, this is the bicentennial of Anthony Trollope’s birth so I’m sure there will be new releases, etc. Like Dickens and Surtees he could create living, breathing characters that stay with you. And like Surtees, he was a passionate fox hunter and by all accounts, a good one. Virginia Woolf said of Trollope that readers believe in the reality of his characters “as we do in the reality of our weekly bills”.
For those of you fascinated by Virginia Woolf, there is a new book out on her and her sister, Vanessa. Haven’t read it. Perhaps some of you have.
I pass these things on because who knows when you will be imprisoned by rains, winds, sleet, bands of pirates. (Do read the letters of St. Paul. What a drama queen. First I was set upon by pirates, then a great tempest blew up, once on land I was attacked by thieves, etc. etc. I do think it possible to be a good Christian and a critical reader, although I do better on one side of that equation than the other.
Ever and Always,

Now’s the time to air out coats and vests before putting them up. Clean your boots and stuff them with newspapers or trees, if you have them.
For those of you wanting to add bespoke clothing to your wardrobe, this is the time to be measured for cubbing. The cutoff date for Opening Hunt is about mid-August, cubbing mid-July, at the latest.
Dee Phillips and I stopped by LK design in Richmond to look at fabrics and chat. The owner and designer, Lilya, (hope I spelled that correctly) is good company. Dee, Mary Shriver, John Western, and Sara Bateman, all wear jackets made for them by LK. The prices are very reasonable and of course, the fit, is perfect.
She has many fabrics there but for the hunt jackets and vests, best you bring along an idea of what you want i.e. Tattersall for a vest, or white on white for the most formal type of vest. As for jacket fabrics, she has some gorgeous tweeds but you will want to consider weight, when you’ll be wearing a jacket, etc.
Do talk to the above-mentioned members who will give a positive referral, but then you’ve seen them, which is the acid test. Should you be interested: LK Design, LLC –    414 Libby Ave., Richmond, VA, 23226 – 804-282-3555. Be sure to mention that you are from Oak Ridge.

Now is also the time to order bespoke boots. You all know of Dehner, as well as Vogle. Mark Catron also knows of a bookmaker, should you want to ask him. If you order now, you will have your boots in time for cubbing.
Boots made expressly for you are not cheap but when you’re in the field for four hours or so, in all kinds of weather, it does make a difference.

The last hunt, cold, slick, Dodger the house mutt, who was old enough to vote, came along per usual. However, I had locked him up as he had a stroke. He knew how to unlock the door and walked all the way down to The Arena where John and Toot put him in the truck so he could participate.
He was there for Closing Hunt and so many of you gave him a treat. He had also been in the truck offering, I’m sure, advice to John and Toot.
He couldn’t get into the car after the Closing Hunt party so Maria Johnson helped me put him in. Easier with two as we didn’t hurt him plus he weighed more than you might think.
Like Vandal and Allie, he’s gone on. He knew more about hunting than most of us but was a gentleman and didn’t lord it over anyone except for Tally, the Jack Russell. Those of you keeping company with a Jack Russell understand.
I thank you for tolerating a cur dog in the field and ultimately, I suspect many of you got a kick out of them. He was always there; ready to go no matter how hard or far the hunt and he always came home to a bowl of crunchies, a big sleep in his bed with many cats snuggling up.

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